Why Enter


Who can participate? 

Target Segments 

  •  Local design professionals

  • Design-applying enterprises

  • Upcoming local designers

  • Young design talents

  • Local community

  • Designers around the world

​1.) All specified awards (refer to “award and categories” page for the 24 detailed award list) are eligible for application throughout the call  for entries period, from 1/6/2020 to 31/5/2021.

2.) Awardee of these 5 local awards below are considered as the eligible participants of Scheme for winners of specified local competitions/awards to enter international competitions/awards of 2020. But the reimbursable items of this category exclude any local award expenditures.

    1.  Gold and Silver Awardee of HKDA Global Design Awards 2018   

    2. Grand, Gold and Silver Awardee of HKDC DFA 2019

    3. Gold and Silver Awardee of Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2019

    4. Gold and Silver Awardee of Kam Fan Awards 2019

    5. Gold and Silver Awardee of Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2019


3.) For individual, must have a permanent residents of Hong Kong and the holders of Hong Kong 3-star ID cards.
For design companies or design-applying enterprises, must be local registered and have Hong Kong Business Registration (BR) and Certificate of Incorporation (CI).

4.) No age-limited and not only limited to design practitioners only.
(If the public or design students have the capacity and talents to gain the specific awards, they are warmly welcome to apply too.)




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