Updated: May 24, 2020

【協會活動 - 5.29 政府資助本地設計單位「香港國際設計獎項贊助計劃2020」推廣網上講座約定你﹗】

想知道邊「5個」本地設計獎項得獎者可獲 SIDA 資助競逐國際設計大獎?邊「24個」國際設計獎項得獎者可以得到SIDA高達HK$200,000嘅「全數資助」?立即報名參加網上講座了解申請資格及須知,仲有國際同本地得獎者同大家分享獲獎心得同秘訣,更有專人現場解答疑問。

5月29日(五) 下午2點半到4點,網上平台 Google Meet 見﹗



楊禮豪先生 (Founder and Creative Director of Young & Innocent)

黃漢邦先生 (Founder of Loom Loop and Professional Fashion Consultant)


【HKDA - “Sponsorship for International Design Awards 2020" Promotion Seminar, E-Meet in “Google Meet” Online!】

Want to learn more about which 5 local design awards are supported to apply the specific international design awards? Which 24 international design awards are eligible to reimburse "All Fee" for the highest subsidies amount of each design unit up to HK$200,000 in international design awards? SIGN UP NOW to learn how to apply for SIDA Sponsorship (HK$200,000 for each design unit), we also have some international and local design awardee sharing and Q&A session for you!

See you in “Google Meet" on 29 May 2020, Friday at 2:30pm to 4pm!

Online Registration:

Guest Speakers:

Mr. Lio Yeung, Founder and Creative Director of Young & Innocent

Mr. Andy Wong, Founder of Loom Loop and Professional Fashion Consultant

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