HKDA SIDA 2020 "Sponsorship for International Design Awards"

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

We are happy to share with you about the "Sponsorship for International Design Awards" (HKDA SIDA) is officially approved by Create HongKong and over 80% of the sponsorship will reimburse to the winning local designers and design companies. The highest subsidies amount of each design unit is up to HK$200,000! Not only the specified international awardees have the chance to be reimbursed, awardee of 5 local design competitions can also apply the subsidies to register for international awards, which are Global Design Award 2018, Design for Asia Awards 2019, Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2019, Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards and Kam Fan Awards 2019. Want to know more about how SIDA’s funding can subsidise your entry fee and awardee promotional fee? Follow us and keep an eye on SIDA’s updates! The first promotion seminar is tentatively scheduled in late May 2020.

SIDA 2020 –香港國際設計獎項贊助計劃 本地設計師獲獎資助計劃正式展開!

香港國際設計獎項贊助計劃」(HKDA SIDA) 正式獲得創意香港贊助,鼓勵及支持本地設計專才參加國際設計大獎,計劃內超過八成撥款將會全數資助獲獎的本地設計師和設計公司,資助金額更可高達港幣二十萬﹗除了獲得指定國際獎項可以得到全數資助,本地五個設計獎項的得獎者還可以透過這資助計劃去報名參戰國際獎項!本地設計獎項分別為:環球設計大獎(GDA)、亞洲最具影響力設計獎 (DFA)、香港智營設計大賞2019、亞太區室內設計大獎 (APIDA)、金帆廣告大獎。想了解SIDA資助哪些獎項的報名費和宣傳費? 請密切留意SIDA稍後公佈的最新情況,首場講座暫定於5月尾,主講嘉賓為本會執委介紹贊助計劃詳情﹗

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