Why Enter

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Q1. Why should I participate in SIDA?


- SIDA 2020 is an no age-limited financial support program which can encourage and support young local design talents to develop and expand their own business without worrying the huge winner promotion expense.


- Minimize the financial burden of talented local designers and encourage them to enter the international competitions/awards under the government financial support.


- Cultivate active participation and exchange amongst local and international designers.
Designers will have a chance to meet with practitioners around the world in the overseas award presentation, which allows you to exchange design insights and keep abreast of the most updated industry knowledge.

Q2. Who is eligible?


- Winners of specified international competitions/awards can apply Scheme A.

- Winners of specified local competitions/awards to enter international competitions/awards can apply scheme B to obtain the reimbursement of entry fee of international competition.

- No age-limited and not only limited to design practitioners only. (If the public or design students have the capacity and talents to gain the specific awards, they are warmly welcome to apply too.)

Q3. How many entries can I submit?


For Scheme B, each applicants can only submit maximum 2 applications. Also the awardees must have to use the same winning works in the specific local awards to enter the listed international competitions and awards, other designs under their names will not be subsidied in this scheme.

For Scheme A, SIDA do not restrict the number of awards, but restrict the maximum reimbursement amount of each award to HKD$ 100,000 and the maximum reimbursement amount of each design unit to HKD$ 200,000 under the First-Come-First-Served Basis.

Q4. What will be arranged for the shortlisted entries?


Application will be counted on a First-Come-First-Served Basis based on the submission date of their application form.

If the key information is missing, eg. flight ticket details, a 1-month period will be provided for participants to supplement the missing information. Reimbursement will continue until the fund has run out.

Q5. When will the results be announced?


Reimbursement will be processed within 3 months after the application is considered successful.